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Praise the sun

Oh glorious sun, so far away,

you paint the world a brighter colour.

Grass sways greener in the wind,

and the air breathes like wonder.

Dead times find their life again

And dead hands find their warmth,

In each other’s grasp they cling,

The dead returning to living.

Night holds on to day’s memory,

Light lingering thick in the air,

The day’s mark on your breath,

as the night’s life soothes your dreams.

Once the rain has finally ended,

and those rays break through the gray.

As dreams become reality once more,

And the long dark makes way for day.

Oh glorious sun, so far away,

if only I could shine so bright,

to paint the world in gold and green

and turn the sky a bluer shade.

In all chests there beats a sun,

whose light has not been seen,

I would shine down on all others,

so that they might shine for themselves.

[WARNING: ANTI-SEMITISM, HATE CRIMES, GUN VIOLENCE, MURDER] Three dead in Kansas Jewish center shootings


Three people were reported dead on Sunday in a possible anti-Semitic shooting attack at two buildings serving the Jewish community near Kansas City.

A gunman opened fired in the parking lot of the Overland Park Jewish Community Center and the nearby Village Shalom retirement home, both in the Kansas City suburb.

"At around 1 p.m. today, Overland Park police received multiple calls regarding a shooting on the campus of the Jewish Community Center, 5801 W. 115th Street. Additional calls were received by police of another shooting at the Village Shalom Retirement Community, 5500 W. 123rd," according to the Overland Park Police Department.

“Three victims are confirmed deceased. A person of interest has been taken into custody at this time,” the police spokesman said.

CNN reported that the deceased included a teenager and an elderly woman.

During the initial developing story, a spokeswoman for Overland Park Regional Medical Center said the hospital was treating a 14-year-old male who suffered a gunshot wound and who was in critical condition.

The gunman fired toward a total of five people, three of whom were confirmed dead, authorities investigating the incident said at a press briefing.

Overland Park Police Chief John Douglass said it was too early to label the attacks as anything other than “vicious acts of violence.”

He stated that two males were killed outside the Jewish Community Center of Greater Kansas and one female at the nearby Shalom Village retirement home.

He confirmed that police had a white male in his 70s in custody for questioning. He added that the man was unknown to police until today.
The Jewish Community Center of Greater Kansas City said on Facebook that no shooting had occurred inside its campus, and it had released home all the participants of its programming.
Overland Park, the second biggest city in Kansas, is a short drive away from the state’s main Jewish concentration in Kansas City.

According to Kansas’s KSHB 41 Action News, police were holding one suspect in custody, who was reported as yelling “heil Hitler” as he was being detained.

The entire JCC campus was locked down.

One witness was quoted by KSHB 41 Action News as saying that a man, presumably the shooter, had aimed a gun at him before shooting the windows of his vehicle.

US Federal Bureau of Investigation officials were helping local authorities investigate the two shootings, CNN cited FBI spokesman Joel Sealer as saying.

The JCC of Greater Kansas City announced that it would be closed on Monday.

“We will post more information following a debriefing at the Overland Park Police Command Center and a 5:00 pm press conference, which will be carried live,” the JCC said on Facebook.

The Jerusalem Post was unable to reach the Jewish Federation of Greater Kansas City for further comment.

The shooting comes only weeks after the Anti-Defamation League released a report describing an increase in physical assaults against Jews despite an overall 19 percent decrease of anti-Semitic incidents in the United States.

In its Annual Audit of Anti-Semitic Incidents, the ADL reported that there 751 incidents in 41 states and Washington, DC — among the lowest number since 1979, when the ADL began collecting data. The number of incidents has been steadily declining for the past decade.
I am asking for my followers, Jewish and non-Jewish, to spread this like wildfire. Antisemitism isn’t often discussed in social justice circles, but I need y’all to know that hate crimes are committed against us. So far, I have only been seeing this circulate among Jews on Tumblr, but I want it to go farther than that.
I want this to lead to a larger discussion about antisemitism. I don’t want it to be derailed merely as a discussion about gun control. I don’t want people asking if the shooter had mental illness. I want people to acknowledge that the shooter is a blatant antisemite. I want people to know why we often have cop cars parked outside our synagogues. I want people to know why we are still afraid.

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The dead drink

The sheen of gold ambrosia on our lips,

and the song of laughter in our ears,

we drink away the evening,

until there’s nothing left but night.

Such a tragedy is the creature,

that stands alone in the crowd,

Part of the herd but apart from it,

The mask belongs to the masses.

The shaking restrains the hands,

from committing violence against the voices,

that harm with silent ignorance.

There is no want for isolation.

Saccharine smiles and polite words hide,

the sharpened knives and bleeding wounds.

Clashing ego brings harm on the whole,

but no one is willing to sacrifice either.

We drink to forget our differences,

to forget those tears, quietly shed,

to forget those hurts, quietly suffered.

We hold our glasses high.

We collapse into sound and movement,

Too loud and fast to hear ourselves.

No thoughts left, but instinct.

We bring out a toast to oblivion.


Here is the video proof of my previous post about this officer forcing his way into my moms house (without legal documentation) and arresting my brothers friend without explanation. PLEASE REBLOG TO RAISE AWARENESS!!

I genuinely wish only the most vile branches of cancer for the police field

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Sunlight has a smell

Which breathes in the air

And covers the world in gold

Making everything seem brighter

Her breath is like the sourest vinegar,

Stripping away any loving pretense.

Blood and shit adorn the walls of her heart

Spilling over into words and deeds

There are…

For the day crowd



Sunlight has a smell

Which breathes in the air

And covers the world in gold

Making everything seem brighter

Her breath is like the sourest vinegar,

Stripping away any loving pretense.

Blood and shit adorn the walls of her heart

Spilling over into words and deeds

There are no holding cells,

No chains that bind,

Except the grabbing hands,

That hold on weakly

There is no room for tears here,

only hard hearts and harsh words.

The paintings stare out ruefully,

but dead eyes hold no pity.

To look too deep in the glass,

is to see an image of the past.

Hereafter weighs heavily on the liver,

and the heart wishes to drown itself.

What is the matter with the ailing mind,

that wishes nothing more than to uphold itself.

The smoke holds promises of nothingness,

as light leaks down across the cheek.

The love of others is a mythical place,

fragile and fleeting as deeds and time.

The kindred spirits tear each other’s eyes out,

with love and care they nurture the hurt.

Outside the sun shines brightly,

aloof and far away like a fair-weather friend.

Lets show the world our golden life,

Lets hide what lives beneath the gilding.


For the love of a devil

Praise be to the demons,

with their technicolor faces,

as the smoke fades in the background,

emerging from their forlorn places

From bleeding hearts grow blooming dreams,

like drops of red in the darkest stream

Their waves reach ever further on,

affecting all broken strands it does seem


The skulls they keep on smiling,

as they delight in your romance.

“Girls like you are rare,” they say,

“No one loves us monsters quite that way”


The night holds many wonders,

all are fake and true

Conquer all your humans,

To see that the wonder is you


A gift for my friend Unknown Kadath.


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Of those buried and forgotten

My mirror tells me that I’m ugly,

at least that’s what I think it does.

Every time I look it shows me that man

and I yell that he is not who I am.

I try to hide it under armour,

that thing that is truly me.

I bind it so that none can see,

That it may live another day.

For who has enough place in their heart

to let such a monstrous thing be.

Their gaze is like sharpened daggers,

Their eyes’ edge honed to kill.

I raise my pointless fists to the heavens,

crying tears that don’t know the answer either.

The stars won’t ever return my calls,

Their light like a cold and distant weight.

I reach out across to distant lands,

Where my naked friends reside.

Those few and brave to dare to live

without the burden of iron guarding them

Their far-away smiles are warm,

but I am still left alone in the cold.

Trapped in a place where I can’t belong,

Scared to face another tomorrow.